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Respectful and Compassionate Cremation Services

The passing of a loved one can be an emotionally and physically draining experience. In your time of grief, it's comforting to know that funeral arrangements are taken care of with sensitivity, honor, and care. Our staff, at Reliable Cremations, will oversee all of the details, ensuring your loved one's service is tastefully performed.

Our caring and compassionate cremation services are personalized to meet your every need. We are proud to carry on the traditional values while providing modern services. If you are in need of cremation services for a loved one, Reliable Cremations is here at your hour of need. Call our office at (415) 294-5576 to learn more.



  • Direct Cremation Service Without a Viewing & the Family Providing a Container*
  • Direct Cremation Without Viewing & the Funeral Home Providing the Container*
  • Chapel Funeral Service With Casket Remains Present
  • Chapel Funeral Service Without Casket Remains Present
*Viewing and Containers Are Available by Request

 We serve all faiths, religions, and cultures.

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Affordable Cremation and Memorial Services

$2475 Direct Cremation

- Pickup
- Refrigeration & storage (up to 72hrs)
- Cremation
- Urn (plastic)
- Paper work & Death certificate filing

$5050 Standard Cremation Funeral Service

- Pickup
- Refrigeration (up to 72hrs)
- Facility (church, boat, etc.)

- Traditional funeral service w/ Funeral staff
- Transportation fees
- Cremation after-funeral service
- Urn (plastic)
- Paper work & Death certificate filing


We Also Offer:

  • We Come to You - 24/7 Service Throughout the State of California     Cali
  • Worldwide Shipping of Remains Available by Request
  • We Accept All Insurance Policies and Burial Policies

Owned and operated by Robert Johnson, Reliable Cremations has been trusted in the funeral industry since 1991. Mr. Johnson received his training from the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science in 1995.
Reliable Cremations can provide all necessary legal forms including medical release forms, authorization for release forms and Veterans Administration forms.

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